October 2010


Creativity 2010 – Week #44

10 Fun Doodling Apps To Increase Your Creativity – Everybody needs a good doodle now and then. The Decline In US Creativity – America was once one of the world’s most innovative societies. What happened? Wordplay – Taking your writing seriously doesn’t mean giving up the fun of it. Eyewire…


Customer Surprise

When is the last time you had a customer surprise that was also pleasant? Mine was just today. I’ve been looking for a black turtleneck to complete my Halloween costume. Unable to find one anywhere. Went to Belk, the recently rebranded Charlotte, NC-based department store, to see if they had…

stay focused

Blogging Lesson #4 – Stay Focused

Today, we’re looking at the fourth lesson I have learned while blogging since 2005 – Stay Focused. Remain On Topic – Stay laser focused on your topic. When readers visit your blog, you want them to have an idea of what they are going to find there.  So, don’t write one…