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We like to pop into the world of QR Codes once and a while to see what’s happening. Many folks think the QR Code will go the route of the dinosaur. Others believe it is the end-all, be-all. I’ll let you decide. Below are a few recent articles we have found on QR Codes.

QR Is All Grown Up – After being in this space for a while, people are constantly trying to debate that QR is dead. I think a maturation perspective is a much better fit.

QR Codes: A Safer Bet Than SMS – Gambling company Ladbrokes has seen QR codes outperform SMS in a recent customer acquisition campaign, delivering over twice as many responses and a third more acquisitions.

4 Ways Restaurants Should Use QR Codes– Despite criticism, the QR code continues to be a major player in the evolution of mobile commerce. But while many Fortune 500 advertisers may have embraced the QR code in their marketing efforts, the restaurant industry has proven a relatively late adopter of the technology.

Examples Of QR Codes In Advertising – Tappinn has released the largest collection of QR code placement examples on the web! Scroll through a ‘Look Book’ with 100’s of images to spark ideas for effective QR code implementation. Getting shoppers from ‘print to palm’ is the objective of every advertiser.

Macy’s Smart Social Media Strategy – One of the biggest interactive programs Macy’s has launched in the last few years is its “Backstage Pass” program. The in-store feature enables users to snap QR codes in different departments to get expert advice from some of the brand’s celebrity partners.

10 Funniest QR Code Fails – Two designers set out to find the craziest usage of QR (Quick Response) codes and poke fun at them. The result is a new Tumblr called WTF QR Codes


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