Creativity 2010 – Week #7

Bright Idea

Bright Idea

The Walking Advert – Here’s another idea designed to harness businesses’ lust for exposure: make yourself into a walking advert. Is this something you could customize to work in your business?

Information is beautiful: 30 examples of creative infography – The perfect infography must synthetize complex information in a simple visual representation, which is not easy. The following examples take information architecture to another level by making it beautiful.

Increasing Creativity and Memory in 30 Seconds? –  There is a folk tradition that someone with shifty eyes is considered untrustworthy – as being devious or sneaky. The truth is,  purposely shifting one’s eyes back and forth for 30 second intervals was found to increase creative output as well as memory recall.

The Many Forms Of Creativity –  I am not a creative snob, I don’t think it is reserved to one area of life. I love it in almost every form, the only thing I ask in creativity is that it is easily accessible to the masses.

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Harry Hoover
Harry Hoover is a partner in My Creative Team, the agency that makes Fortune 1000 clients look good. His communications career spans 35 years and runs the gamut from print and broadcast journalism, government and corporate communications to advertising and public relations agencies. He is the author of Born Creative: Free Your Mind, Free Yourself and Moving to Charlotte: The Un-Tourist Guide.

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  1. Thanks for mentioning my walking advert idea!

    This is a great source of creative ideas!

  2. It is an interesting piece. Feel free to send along other creative ideas for our weekly creativity update.

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