Creativity 2012 – Week #26

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5 Creativity Lessons From The Shopping Cart – Some lessons in creativity and innovation from Sylvan Goldman’s idea: the shopping cart.

6 Challenging Types To Manage In Brainstorming Sessions – One challenging thing about brainstorming is, however, the more people you involve in brainstorming sessions the more likely you are to run into six types of people who have trouble being productive within typical brainstorming rules.

7 Cool Projects From Young Geniuses – The amazing thing about kids is their ability to imagine possibilities. Here are seven kids, from 9 to 19, who have already produced great things.

Austerity & Creativity –  Investing in creative ideas and design is always a good option no matter what is happening in the economy.

In A Rut? Take A Shower  – There’s something about the lather, rinse cycle that produces creative ideas.

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