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Are you using Pinterest to drive traffic back to your blog? I am experimenting with it. Why? Well, a recent study indicates that Pinterest drives more sales than Facebook. Is this true? Don’t know. But a little experimentation doesn’t cost me anything. So, why not?

I’ve set up two boards, the one you see above about How To Use LinkedIn, and another on marketing communications, primarily to direct traffic back here to THINKing.

If this idea gains traction, I’ll be developing additional boards where I have a lot of content in a specific topic, such as creativity.

My digital colleague, Joan Stewart, also is utilizing Pinterest in this manner. She has a very solid board on Best Ways To Get Free Publicity. Stewart says there are many ways to use Pinterest for publicity:

1. If you sell to women, this site is the place for you because women dominate it.

2. Create a board and “pin” the most beautiful photos of your own products, or photos from your book, with links back to your website.

3. Don’t have beautiful photos? Buy them for next to nothing on the stock photo sites. You can buy photos related to what you sell.

4. Link photos to your old blog posts, how-to articles and other content at your website.

5. Nonprofits, pin photos of your volunteers, or products you’re featuring at a silent auction fund-raiser, and link to a page where people can volunteer, or buy tickets.

Our friends at Childress Vineyards also are using Pinterest to drive traffic to their website. They have boards to help sell their wines and their wine accessories, as well as to promote visitation to the winery.

Here are some other resources on using Pinterest:

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