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When it comes down to it, creativity is really about rearranging what we know to form something we didn’t know. You can rearrange letters or words to spark a new thought. For instance instead of saying how can we sell more bottles, you might ask how can we bottle more sales. Does this make you look at the problem a little differently?

Can you rearrange the way you price a product or service in order to sell more? Xerox had a hard time when it first started selling copiers because the equipment was so expensive it often took a vote by the board of directors to make the sale happen. So, they decided to start putting copiers in place and charge per copy instead. So instead of a capital expenditure for a copier, the copies became a petty cash expense.

So, as you are using the rearrangement approach to creativity, here are some questions to ask. How else can this subject be arranged? Is there an arrangement that would work better?

What other layout or pattern would work better?

Can you change the sequence?

Can you change the timing, pace or schedule?

Have you ever rearranged anything creatively?

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