Social Media Attack Plan – Part 1

social media plan

We have previously talked about the strategic and tactical nature of social media and we looked at some social media questions the marketer needs to ask as he plans his approach. Today, let’s summarize and put together a simple approach to your social media attack plan.

Research – look at all the options available and determine which is right for you: wikis, blogs, forums, social networks, social bookmarking, product reviews, and multimedia sites like Flickr and Youtube.

Goals – are you developing a social media plan for brand building, reputation management, customer service, or community building? Don’t try to do all of these at once unless you have a team assisting you. Otherwise, you will be overwhelmed. Once you have decided upon one of these, set clear, definable and measurable goals.

Define Audiences – who is your social media program for: employees, customers, strategic allies? What are their interests, ages, gender? Once you define your target, then go find them online. Professionals may be on LinkedIn, IT folks may be on Twitter, musicians on MySpace and your college friends may be on FaceBook.

We’ll look at the rest of our plan’s elements in the next installment (Part 2).

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