Top 9 Creativity Finds Of The Month

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We’ve found a lot of good creativity-related articles this month and wanted to share them with the class. So, below is our list of Top 9 Creativity Finds Of The Month.

What Type Of Thinker Are You? – When we get stuck in convergent thinking, we miss the possibilities open to us. So, let’s diverge, shall we?

Carlos Santana On Creativity In Business & Art – Music legend and successful entrepreneur Carlos Santana has a unique and powerful perspective on creativity and inspiration. Both are applied not only to his music, but also to his businesses, which include Casa Noble Tequila and The Carlos by Carlos Santana line of women’s shoes and handbags.

70 Best iPad Apps For Designers – Apple’s tablet is a serious tool for content creation. This article reveals the best iPad apps for design, creativity, inspiration, and organization.

Raise Your Left Hand For Greater Creativity – For decades, psychologists have tried to find creativity in the brain. Because of a 19th century belief that creativity was related to mental illness, and a corresponding belief that left handed people were more likely to be mentally ill, some 19th century scholars thought that creativity would be located in the right hemisphere–because the right hemisphere controls the left side of the body.

Time to Get Creative – Here are some tools and resources to help spark your creativity.

Tap Into Creativity: One Of The 12 Best Practices For Rapid Improvement – The smarts of your people may be one of the greatest underutilized assets in your company.

As Children’s Freedom Has Declined, So Has Their Creativity – If anything makes Americans stand tall internationally it is creativity. “American ingenuity” is admired everywhere. We are not the richest country, nor the healthiest, nor the country whose kids score highest on standardized tests, but we are the most inventive country.

Why Innovation By Brainstorming Doesn’t Work – Anything–even doing laundry–will help you dream up new ideas better than sitting in a meeting, says Debra Kaye, author of “Red Thread Thinking.” A case study of the history of the single-use detergent pod.

Try These 6 Quick Story Exercises To Spark Your Creativity – Sometimes creativity exercises are a bit boring, but these exercises, meant to jump-start ideas for movies, are very amusing.

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