What Is Wrong With This Picture?



According to 3M, 90% of information transmitted to the brain is visual, and visuals are processed 60,000 times faster in the brain than text.

Now, when you can’t get a job because you don’t have a photo on your LinkedIn profile, or the one you have looks worse than Lindsay Lohan’s mugshot, is taken in a car, a prom dress, or shows too much cleavage, just shut up. I don’t want to hear how unfair life is.

Have you looked lately at the LinkedIn “People You May Know” recommendations?¬†Come on, people. Use some common sense. This. Is .A. Professional. Business. Networking. Site. It is not Facebook.

LinkedIn presented me some new folks who I may know and I was flabbergasted. Probably one-third of them didn’t even have a photo. Many of the others looked like prison mugshots. Several were taken out-of-doors and looked more like landscapes than profile photos. I’m not a big fan of those outside shots or ones that show the person on-the-job in front of busy backgrounds. Selfies should be banned on LinkedIn.

Family photos? Really?

Too many people have photos where they have clearly cropped their heads out of a group shot and what remains is so grainy the person is almost unrecognizable.

There’s this one young woman in LA who calls herself an SEM & Communications Expert. Her tousled hair drapes down her blouse leading the eye right down to more cleavage than you’ll see in a British tabloid. She is probably a fine and talented young woman, but come on! I wouldn’t hire her on a bet.

Saw a guy sitting inside a car, a young man in a stocking cap, another young woman in a cocktail dress, and one who works in healthcare seated at a piano.

This is wrong. Hire a photographer. It will be the best $200 you ever spent.

Am I nuts, or do you agree with my assessment?

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Harry Hoover
Harry Hoover is a partner in My Creative Team, the agency that makes Fortune 1000 clients look good. His communications career spans 35 years and runs the gamut from print and broadcast journalism, government and corporate communications to advertising and public relations agencies. He is the author of Born Creative: Free Your Mind, Free Yourself and Moving to Charlotte: The Un-Tourist Guide.

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  1. I agree with you, Harry —- especially for those in the job market and/or on a career path. Unless I missed it, you might pics proudly displaying facial or neck tats in the list.

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